Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Short Walk

I went for a short walk around the neighborhood this evening. And when I say short I do mean short. I started by peering out my back door to see if I could see anything of interest. Nothin'. You see, I was looking for some photographic inspiration. I've taken a whole bunch of flower pictures as of late and quite frankly, even though I could take many more, I decided last week it was time to break free of any flora. I walked out front to see what I could find. At first I wandered around a muddy, dirty construction site. There were a few interesting shots...mostly textured stuff that I took in black and white. Without a clear theme or standout shot I continued around the corner. I was drawn that way by the clear chirp of a robin. I could hear the cheerily, cheerio, cheeriup but couldn't find the grayish-black and orange source of the sound. I was quickly distracted by a flash of pink running up a tree-it was a squirrel with one huge, pink flower in its mouth. The flower was almost larger than the squirrel itself. I couldn't get a clear picture but I did get a kick out of watching the pink flower jump from limb to limb and tree to tree.

So much to see in such a short time.

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