Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Different Kind of Sunday Night

Pardon me while I gloat just a little more about the fun of summer vacation...

Those who know me well understand, sort of, my dislike of Sunday nights.  Just seeing the clock ticking on an episode of 60 Minutes is enough to depress me.  That show is a clear sign that Sunday, and all the freedom it brings, is coming to an end.  The clock ticks on the show but for me it ticks away the weekend.

But then there's summer vacation.  Sundays don't matter so much then.  One day looks pretty much like the next during the summer, so that ticking clock doesn't upset me one little bit.  In fact, on this first Sunday of summer vacation the clock only reminds me to make sure the alarm is off tomorrow and every day after that until sometime in late August.


  1. I completely agree-- especially about the Sixty Minutes clock; I never thought of that before!

  2. I can't take this gloating, year after year. I will be calling you Labor Day weekend......