Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It’s been somewhere around twenty years since I’ve mowed a lawn. On Saturday I realized how much I missed that simple action. I had offered to mow a friend’s back yard so she could tend to her vegetables that were just beginning to grow. The peas were proving to be most troublesome. It seems the pea trellis that had been constructed needed shoring up. Otherwise there was a risk that the trellis would be unable to hold the weight of the climbing peas that are expected in the coming months.

I was happy to be able to cut the lawn. My friend was surprised by and perhaps even suspicious of my enthusiasm. It’s true…I love mowing the lawn.

The first pull of the starter cord made me smile, the mower started without a hitch and I was on my way. The rumble of the motor surrounded me, sealing me off from the rest of the world. I walked back and forth, creating adjoining paths of cut grass—creating signs of progress—instant progress.

It’s not easy to see such clear success in the classroom.


  1. Unlike you, I don't enjoy mowing the lawn. But the gratification of a job done is relatively instant. Your last line makes me reflective.

  2. I love a freshly mowed lawn, thankfully my husband loves to mow. What a good neighbor you are, are you hoping for some of those vegetables?

  3. I was just thinking about that other harbinger of spring, mowing grass & the wonderful smell that happens, & here you are writing about it. What a good analogy you made also to teaching. No instant success there I agree.

  4. I'm so glad that you were able to fill a void from within and help a neighbor at the same time. Allergies make mowing the lawn a chore for me, but I do love the paths that are formed on a freshly mowed lawn. Enjoy!

  5. "Instant progress" -- that is the perfect phrase for the perfect feeling. It is wonderful to achieve such a sense of accomplishment.