Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slowing it Down

My non-teacher friends, the ones who work 5 days a week, 50 weeks of the year, are always interested to know what I'm up to during the summer. I spoke with one of those friends last night and one of her first questions was about my plans for the week.

Of course the summer brings great opportunities for travel and I'm certainly going to do a bit of that. I like travel, but I also like time spent at home. It's during the summer that I get to catch up on the things that have been left undone or half-done over the course of the school year. Like the pile of mail and papers on my dining room table-- I tackled that mess yesterday. Within two hours I had filled a bag of trash and filed papers in their proper places.

I'll take the rest of the summer to work my way through the house, one area at a time, to get rid of the clutter.

Yes, I will head out of town for two or three weeks this summer, but what I like best about these 9 weeks is doing what I want on my own terms and at my own pace.


  1. The key is doing at your own pace, that's the best part. Enjoy your travels but also time home.

  2. Exactly! It's such a fun time, like doing the slice of life. I don't have to break my neck doing, but can take such pleasure in the leisurely doing.

  3. Hi Mary,

    I typed this once and it disappeared so if it shows up twice, sorry! I found your blog when I was reading your reply. Enjoy the summer, looking forward to seeing you!