Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy Cat

I'm not sure what happened to my cat, but my only guess is he never went to "cat school."
Scout, a name I was once reminded sounds more like a dog's name, is nothing like any cat I've ever known.

Sure, he sleeps most of the day away but other than that his personality is much more dog-based than of the feline type.

This crazy cat of mine goes out of his way to check in on me.  He's not at all like the cat I had as a child that could barely lift her head to greet me.  When I walk in the door he lumbers his 17-pound body to greet me.  And yes, even though he's fond of the daily 3 or 4 hour nap he still wakes up every so often to check in on me.  If I happen to be lounging on the couch Scout will stretch and saunter over to say hello.

I got my first cat when I was 9 after begging my mother to let me have one of the kittens my teacher had brought into school that day.  I was sure that cat, Morris, was going to be my best friend.  She wasn't.  (She wasn't a boy either, even though my teacher assured me differently.)  Morris was only interested in food, naps and cruising around the neighborhood at night. 

Scout is a whole other story.  Although he likes his food his nightly outside activity is limited to the area in my backyard where he is most interested in securing the perimeter from any perceived danger toward me--meaning other cats are not allowed in the territory.  He never stays out too long, making sure to come back every 15 minutes or so to check on my well-being.

At night my dog-cat sleeps with one eye opened to make sure that all is safe at the homestead.  He takes his job seriously, making sure to check on me throughout the night as I slumber upstairs.

Scout is probably the best dog I never had.

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