Friday, April 13, 2012

Different Kinds of Tired

The exhaustion of Friday night is completely different than the one that greets me on a Monday morning.  Friday night's exhaustion speaks of the five workdays that have come before.  It whispers of the failed student interactions in the classroom as well as the successes.  It echoes the frustrations and jubilations of the previous five days.  It's a good kind of tired.

Monday morning tired means why is the alarm going off and why must I arise at 5:30 AM?  The Monday morning yawn means I remember how warm and soft my bed is and how the comforter is exactly the correct weight to keep me feeling relaxed and happy.  It means yeah, I'd rather stay right in this bed, but I've got a job to do and I even though I like this bed I know in the end I like the job even more.  I like knowing that it's a new week, a new challenge and a new start.

Both kinds of tired are good ones...good in their own comfortable, satisfying kind of way.

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