Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Sitting through meetings, especially those that occur at the beginning of the school year can be tough.  With so many other things to think about- planning, organizing, room set-up and the like- it's doesn't take much for the mind to wander. 

So, on day 1 of the new school year I sat, with all those lists, questions and work-related stresses ricocheting through my brain, while trying my best to listen to a presenter educate me on the Kagan way of engaging all students.  It was a fine presentation, and even though I went in with the best intentions it didn't take long for me to feel a twinge of negativity creeping in to my thought processes.  To be clear, the negativity wasn't about the workshop itself, it was more along the lines of "Really?  Is this the best use of my time on the first day back?"

And then I stopped.  I stopped with all the unnecessary negativity and grabbed my pen.  With three quick strokes I fashioned my own smiley face on the end of my finger.  I moved my new, happy finger from side to side in front of me.  Just seeing that simple face- made of nothing more than two dots and one curved line- brought a smile to my face.  All those other thoughts bouncing around my brain faded and I turned my full attention back to present where it stayed for the rest of the day.

As my finger art faded throughout the day I found myself pulling out the black pen and going over my original marks.  Whenever I felt a need to find my happy place it was right there on my left index finger.

Oh, happy day.  :)

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