Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reality Check

I didn't expect my car to fail to start this evening. The engine fired up in the end, so that's good. Maybe the starter is going up or something like that.

But really...even more unexpected, was the cowboy that sidled up next to me in his ten gallon hat and red pickup truck.

"Ya need some help, maam?"

I let him know I was fine, I could call my sister for help if needed.

"Well, I just gotta go feed ma' horses and I can come back and help if ya need it."

He drove off into the sunset. I did a quick double-check of my surroundings--Pamlico Sound to my right, the Atlantic Ocean to my left. It wasn't Wyoming; I really was still in North Carolina.

I turned the key and the engine turned over... then it was my turn to drive off into the sunset.

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