Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slow Ride

I took a slow ride around Hatteras this afternoon. Mileage wise it wasn't all that far, but I ended up being out for about 3 hours. I started by heading south on Rt. 12 from my current location of Frisco to the village of Hatteras. I did a bit of browsing at some village shops and meandered along the side streets that shoot to the left and right off of the main road. I stopped to photograph the sand dunes and searched a few small beach areas for hidden treasures. I found a few dead fish heads-not exactly the treasure I was in search of.

My last stop was a walk along the shores of Pamlico Sound in hopes of getting a better view of the Brown Pelicans that often rest there. The shell that stood up in the shallow water and moved sideways just a bit amused me. It stopped and drew in its legs after sensing my presence, looking like any other shell on the ground. Yet, another unexpected find.

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