Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've come to accept that I'm a pretty uncoordinated individual. I'm not sure why, but guess it has something to do with my lack of rhythm and a broken ankle in high school that has left me with two legs that are not quite even in height.

I can go for weeks or months at a time without a moment of clumsiness. Not today though.

Shifting my body from a seated position on the dock into a kayak gently bobbing on Lake Braddock proved to be, literally, my tipping point. I over-thought the whole process. With my hands placed on each side of the kayak I started to make my move. Feet went in and then I shifted the rest of myself toward the waiting boat. It didn't feel right. My friend was talking me through as best she could, but I could already feel a loss of control.

"I'm going in!" I shouted.


Clumsiness wins again.

On the bright side, it was a beautiful day for a swim.

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