Friday, September 17, 2010

Mock Thanksgiving

Somewhere about 23 years ago a group of friends came together for a weekend of fun, food and friendship. We were in our early twenties and trying our best to a make a life in the "real" world. We had all spent some amount of time at college together and weren't quite ready to say goodbye to the kind of moments that are shared when living on top of one another in a dorm. Sure we gathered for the occasional Sunday Brunch at the Belvedere Hotel, but what we really needed was a chunk of time longer than the four or five hours an afternoon offered.

An idea was hatched, by who I'm not sure. We would plan one weekend a year and have a Thanksgiving of our very own. Mock Thanksgiving was born.

The fun starts tonight. Those twenty-somethings have become forty-somethings with college kids of their own. We get about 36 hours of time to yuck it up on the Severn River. Come Sunday afternoon I'll drag my tired, sleep-deprived self back home and wonder how the weekend sped by so fast. I can't wait.

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