Thursday, September 9, 2010

What does Reading mean to you?

What does Reading mean to you? That's the question I posed to my students yesterday. I have found that their response tells more about them as readers than many standardized reading tests designed to show their present reading level.

A sampling of the responses:

Reading is endless words, put together.

Reading means to be smart.

Creating a picture story in your mind. It's kind of like a dream someone else made up for you.

Reading is a combination of work and fun.


Something you use every day, just like math.

Reading is the measure of a person's imagination.

A fun thing to learn about new words and learn about cultures.

Reading means you look at words and understand them.

Reading is fun as long as you have the right book.

I'm always surprised by the variety of responses I get. This year I was pleased to see that not one student defined reading as boring. That makes my job much easier.

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