Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beach Walkin'

My introduction to sea glass was quite accidental. I was wondering around Point Lobos State Park in California when my skip from one rock to the next resulted in a somewhat painful slide down a slippery rock face. I had started on top of a giant rock and ended up 40 feet below on the beach. My friend called from the cliff above, "Hey, are you okay?" I laughed at my lack of coordination and assured her I was fine. As I brushed the sand off my pants I caught a glimpse of something irregular. It was a shard of pale blue glass. I picked it up with my hand and tossed it around. There were no sharp edges. Its weight and texture felt just right in my hand. I looked up to my friend on the cliff. "Look at this!" I exclaimed.

She knew it was sea glass. I had never heard of such a thing. I slid it into the pocket of my pants and cast my head back down toward the rocky beach in search of more. I've been hooked ever since.

I like the small stuff. I enjoy walking along the shore in search of the perfect shell. Of course, the perfect shell is completely subjective. For me the perfect shell is about weight and feel. It can't be too light or too heavy, and it has to feel just right in my hand.

As for sea glass, any find is good with me. Shells are easy to come by, sea glass isn't. Shells wash up on shore on a daily basis. Some are pretty and worth pocketing and some aren't. Sea glass is a harder to come by. Any piece I find seems like a little piece of good luck. Oh yeah, the colors are pretty too.

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