Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rise and Paw

My cat's life changed drastically a few weeks ago when I decided to give him a small can of wet food. For the ten years I've had him dry food out of a bag was the order of the day. He seemed fine with it, but recently was more interested in soft, chewy cat treats than the hard, crunchy pellet sitting in his bowl. After ten years of the same food every day I could see how a change in taste and texture would be welcome. What I didn't see coming was exactly how that change would in turn effect me.

Morning feeding time occurs around 5:30 AM after I shower and get my coffee. Scout knows when I wake up the food is coming so he's taken to waking me up a little earlier than my alarm. The only problem with his plan is the polite paw across the face he uses to wake me up has been starting somewhere around 4:00 AM. That's just too darn early. My only defense is to lie perfectly still as though I'm still sound asleep. Any sense that I may be awake is enough to turn the wake-up paw into overdrive-meaning my chances of going back to sleep for the last hour before my alarm rings are small. I'm supposed to be the smarter one, for now it pays to be the frozen, quiet one.

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