Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go Team Go!

The first grand moment of the year occurred today during the first field trip of the year, 4o miles west of the city at a Corn Maze. This team-building event challenges the kids to work together as they wind their way through the twists and turns of a maze created from corn stalks.

It's hard to tell how groups will handle the challenge. Kids don't spend as much time outside as they used to. They tire easily, they argue about the best path to take, they run ahead of the group, they get frustrated...they whine.

Fortunately, my group didn't do any of that. From the beginning we set our goals. We would find every clue and complete the entire maze. When decisions needed to be made there would be a vote. Teamwork was our motto.

We sailed through the first five stops. Students took turns holding the flag and coloring in the map. Every member of the group cheered on one another, the group members were especially encouraging to one student whose physical handicap makes walking difficult.

The sixth and seventh clues were harder to find. Faces became weary and discouraged but we somehow put frustrations aside and made it to the last clue. We let out a quiet cheer at our success-we didn't want other teams to know where the final clue was. As I looked around at the smiling faces I noticed one face missing. The handicapped member of our group was resting her head on the wooden platform that held the final clue. She was exhausted and close to tears. We'd been in the maze for close to forty minutes by then, her legs were aching.

I told the others to run and find their way to the exit, we'd take our time and meet them at the finish.

One young man spoke up. "No, we'll all finish together."

Everyone agreed.

That's my kind of team.

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