Monday, October 25, 2010

One Step Up, Two Steps Back

I stayed after to grade a few papers and quickly became depressed. It seems all that I thought I taught last week wasn't really taught at all. Or as is so often say in 6th grade, they didn't get it.

Now what? I spent part of today introducing the next step in the unit. Obviously, there's no point in going forward, the only thing to do is take a step back.


  1. "...there's no point in going forward, the only thing to do is take a step back."

    You shouldn't feel bad about this. Obviously the 'going back' IS the teaching they need. I've experienced the exact same thing numerous times in teaching music theory. After several classes of give and take, exercises, and various other assessments I take, I give a test and WHAM! Where did all the learning go? So I go back and reteach.

  2. If all of my teaches had given up because my tests showed "I didn't get it" I fear where I may be and what I may think of teaching as a profession. I'm not saying you are incorrect, however, not every student that tests poorly didn't hear you.

    I heard and absorbed... I tested very poorly most of the time. So take heart.. sometimes tests only measure a moment not an overall.