Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Jewel of Summer

How about a big shout out to the summer tomato? You know the one. Its the huge, dark-red orb populating farm stands all over the place these days. I sliced one monster tomato up tonight to throw a slice on a hamburger I made for dinner. The first bite was one big mouthful of beef, cheese, mayo and late summer tomato. It was enough to make me stop. I stopped chewing for just a second to consider all the bland, tasteless tomatoes I suffered through all winter. There were the grape tomatoes, the cherry tomatoes and all kinds of other summer tomato wanna-be types. They never will be, they never can be, as absolutely delightful as the late summer tomato that is cruising the streets right now. My advice: enjoy them while you can.

Oh yeah, have you tried the cantaloupe out there?

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