Monday, August 30, 2010


Another staff meeting, ah but this time with a new twist! Somebody thinks it would be a great idea if each team in the building would sign up to provide snacks for our monthly staff meeting. Sorry...I'm not interested.

I dislike the food sign-up sheet. I've taken a few classes in the past few years and food sign-up is always the first order of business. Why? We are adults; we are capable of throwing an extra apple or granola bar in our bag and heading off to a class or curriculum area meeting. Food sign-up is not only a major inconvenience... it also becomes competitive.

The first class or meeting of the year usually starts off innocently enough with a bag of tortilla chips, some salsa and maybe some carrots and dip. Time marches on and as it does people feel the need to do a little more. By the last meeting of the year there usually a pizza, homemade guacamole, all kinds of cut up vegetables and, of course, freshly prepared hummus.

It's too darn much. I'll feed myself thank you, it's much easier than trying to feed thirty people.