Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Regarding the Mouse Memo

You were warned. Really, I've pretty much turned a blind eye to the little droppings I've seen under the sink over the past month. Not that I was concerned for your small well-being. No, not at all. I just didn't feel like getting down on the floor and cleaning all the stuff out, setting the traps and waiting to pull your little mangled body out.

Yes, it's only my lack of motivation that has kept you and your mousey little friends untouched.

Until now.

Be aware. I went over to that quirky little hardware store today and stocked up on traps. Tomorrow I will get down on my knees, clean out the droppings of evidence and step up my attack.

If you're smart, you'll make yourself scarce and move on to someone else's kitchen. If not, I'll happily find someone else to clean up your demise.


  1. I can send Walter over to clean up the carnage. Go get 'em!