Friday, January 14, 2011

Like Yesterday

Mary and I became friends over twenty years ago when I was charged with showing the new kid in the office how to input personnel data...or something like that. I really don't remember what I was showing her I just know we met as lowly clerk-typists at the Smithsonian. We were both recently out of college trying to figure out what was next while working pretty mindless jobs in the nation's capital. Neither of us had much money. We helped each other out. Mary read over my resume and helped me make the most of my lack of experience in the work world. She would call me when the ATM "didn't make the money sound" and I would offer to pick her up from her night job at the Kennedy Center. With Mary, you never really knew what was going to happen, but whatever it was always included a few giggles.

We were supposed to meet in Arlington for dinner at 6:30 tonight. My phone rang about 5:15; she needed to change the time because she was waiting for furniture to be delivered to her office out in Great Falls. We talked about the best possible plan and decided I should head out her way, we could wait for the delivery together and head out to eat from there. "It sounds like a good ole' Mary adventure!" I remarked.

It was. The furniture delivery was late, the desk barely fit through the door and we had quite a few giggles. Just like old times.

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  1. What our writer didn't mention is that just like old times, she helped me out of a jam, made me laugh all the while, and left me feeling warm-hearted. Thanks Mary, for being a wonderful friend.