Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Passing Notes in Class

I've always regretted the day I threw away the notes I passed back and forth with my friends throughout high school. I remember looking at a shoe box full of folded-up notes on loose leaf paper, notes that chronicled my life in high school, and then deciding to toss them in the trash. What was I thinking?

As a teacher I've intercepted quite a few notes. At one time I thought it would be fun to publish a book of the notes I've found or confiscated. This week I came across a note on the floor that really made me giggle. I opened up a small piece of paper that had been ripped from a notebook and found the following words scrawled in pencil:

I found this piece of paper


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  1. I used to pass notes with my best friend in the hallway between classes. On the day we dissected fetal pigs in science, I wrapped up a little pig tail in a note for her. We've lost touch, but I'll bet she remembers that note!