Monday, January 17, 2011

Stupid is as Stupid Does

In the stupid is as stupid does category:

I took my best friend out to dinner tonight to celebrate her birthday. We got a last minute reservation at a steak place I've wanted to try and rushed off to grab our table. They treated us right, knowing it was her birthday, and greeted us with two glasses of champagne. Not bad, I thought, looks like a pretty good place.

My steak was delicious as were the side of spinach and bottle of red wine we ordered with dinner. The conversation was plentiful, and when the dessert menu was offered up we laughed as the waitress uttered the first item on the menu...key lime pie. You see, that's my friend's favorite, it seemed like a sign...the topper for a perfect dinner.

It was perfect. Time spent with friends is hard to come by when that time is swallowed up with obligations of family and work, so two hours alone over good food and drink was a gift for me as well as her.

Until we went back to get in my car. Which wasn't there. Was it stolen? Had we really parked a block further? Had we had more to drink then we thought? No. The answer came from a passer by who asked, "What color was the car?"

"Tan." we replied. "A Honda CRV."

"Towed." was his answer. He saw the confusion in our faces and added, "Zip car parking."

Ouch. Another $115.oo dollars added to the bill, and a $5o.oo fine from the Arlington County Police.

The steak was good, as was the wine, but I can't say it was that good.

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  1. to clarify...the company was well worth the price.