Friday, January 7, 2011

Writing is Hard

"Writing is hard."

That's what a friend said to me yesterday as I admitted I hadn't been feeling very inspired to write lately. Writing group was meeting that night and even though I pretty much had something together to share it wasn't something I liked that much.

Yes, writing is hard. It requires a good deal of thinking and sometimes I just don't feel like thinking that much.

I left work yesterday afternoon with that uninspired piece of writing waiting for a fresh look. I still had two hours before writing group so I figured I'd get some distance and look at it again in another hour or so. As I drove home I started considering other possibilities. What if I started the story at another point in time? Could I use some part of that piece I'd shared two months ago? Yes, I could.

Things were coming together by the time my ten minute commute came to an end. I walked in the door and got right to work. Twenty minutes later I was done and happy with the result.

That's the kind of writing I like.

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