Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nothing to Do

It was last Wednesday that I was granted an early dismissal from work. Tomorrow will be my first day working since then. I know a lot of people think that summer break is the biggest perk of teaching, but really it's the snow day. Summer break can get filled with commitments pretty quickly, and while I'm in no way complaining of those ten weeks off, I'm just saying the snow day has a whole other feel. A snow day is a day when those commitments one has (like work) get thrown to the wayside. Suddenly a gift of "nothing" is presented. Nothing- as in "no thing" on the day's schedule.

With my schedule cleared I was able to see a total of four movies and get in a little time at the gym. I did some laundry and even put the clean clothes away where they belong. I looked over a few new recipes and look forward to making some Tuscan Chicken soup later in the week.

All in all, I did a lot of nothing.

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