Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whatever Happened To?

I wrote about Frankie back in September. We got off to a rocky start but managed to forge a positive relationship in the end. I haven't had a problem with him since the binder incident back in the fall.

With the hype of the end of the football season there's been a good deal of sports talk in the classroom. I try my best to promote my hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens, to a group of mostly Steelers, Redskins, and Dallas fans. With very few Baltimore fans around I never count on much camaraderie. So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when Frankie confided that he would root for the Ravens. That was on Thursday before the big game. On Friday he came in wearing a purple shirt.

"Did you wear that for the Ravens?" I asked.

He smiled and nodded.

I smiled. So much has changed since September, and that's a good thing.

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