Monday, August 4, 2014

Feels Like Home

My little neighborhood is quite lovely.  Well, that's my opinion.  You see, as I drive around Arlington these days I find it hard to believe all of the changes that have taken place.  Last week I met an old friend and longtime Arlington resident for dinner.  As we talked about the detour that we ran into on our way to the restaurant we discussed how different everything looks.  Arlington just doesn't look like the Arlington we used to know.

Parkfairfax, the historic area where I live, is hardly a mile from the ever-changing Arlington.  Even with its close proximity to such a fluid area of development this neighborhood has stayed pretty much the same since it was first built, at the request of President Franklin Roosevelt, in 1942.

The over 200 buildings that are scattered over 132 acres are all brick structures.  Large trees provide plenty of shade for residents that enjoy getting out on a warm summer day.  It's a dog friendly kind of place.  In fact, I know of two dogs that stop at a neighbor's house every day knowing she'll be there to greet them with a special treat.  Cats are welcome too- and there are plenty of critters for them to catch if they enjoy the hunt.

The last 72 years have seen a lot of people come and go in the area.  Some, like Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, went on to bigger homes and jobs.  Others- people I know- left only to return to the area later on.  One neighbor told me she came back because this place always felt like home. 


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