Monday, August 18, 2014


The beginning of the year can be pretty overwhelming.  In-service week usually consists of one meeting after another so I decided to head into my classroom today and start getting things set up.  I actually went in one day last week but lacked the motivation to accomplish much.  Today I cued up a little 70s music on Pandora and happily pulled things out of the closet while singing along to Linda Ronstadt and The Eagles.

There was no one else working in my area so I had nothing but quiet to keep me focused on the task at hand.  The only real interruption came when I noticed that the new teachers were coming into the building after a morning of orientation.  I took a moment to watch out my window as three or four cars pulled up.  One teacher slid slowly out of her Honda Civic after checking herself in the mirror.  She stood outside of her car door and brushed the lint and wrinkles from her black pants.  She was stalling- believe me, I know what that looks like.  Twenty seconds later she took a deep breath and walked confidently toward the door.

I took a moment to study her face.  I want to be sure to remember who she is so I can welcome her when we all return next week.

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