Monday, August 11, 2014


My confidence level was on the rise after a successful project-filled weekend.  After taking a moment to admire my newly painted chairs I decided to tackle the CD that was stuck in my car audio system.  It didn’t take too long to remove the entire dashboard unit- it was nothing more than 8 screws that needed to be taken out.  Feeling good I brought the unit inside to investigate the inner workings under the light of my dining room. 

More tiny screws were removed, as were all of the CDs.  

All was well until the springs started springing.  

I now have a few small silver springs, even more tiny screws and one rather large piece from the unit sitting on my dining room table.  I have no idea where that mysterious large piece came from and how to put it all back together again.

Time to call an expert.

Ching-cha-ching.  But at least I saved money on removing the unit myself.

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