Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Time's a Ticking

When I awoke this morning and saw that it was after 9:00 I knew my summer vacation was almost over.  It takes me some time to get into the groove of sleeping late.  Nine weeks ago sleeping until 7:00 was a joy. By three weeks ago my wake up time had inched forward to about 8:00.  And now here I am, rolling out of bed at 9:00 like I'm some sort of retired person.

I have about 10 more mornings that don't require any sort of alarm clock.  Yes, I know I should be getting back into the groove of the early wake-up call.  Certainly I should try to start adjusting my wake up time, 15 minutes at a time, so that first blare of the alarm at 5:30 won't be such a shocker.

Yup.  Maybe I'll start that next week.

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