Friday, August 22, 2014

Key Card Lunch

I went to lunch with some friends in Annapolis today.  There's nothing so remarkable about that.  I mean I go out to lunch all the time.  I go to Annapolis quite a bit and I've had plenty of lunches and dinners there.  Today's lunch was a little more interesting because we went to the Fleet Reserve club downtown.  This was the kind of club where you had to have a key card to get in the front door. Fortunately, we had one since Chip is a former Navy guy.

After we used our special gold card to get us in the front door we stopped at the sign-in book and put our names on the dotted line.  From there we walked through the dark-wood bar and out onto the patio. There was a table right in front with a fabulous view of all the boats cruising down Ego Alley.

It wasn't as sunny as it could have been, but the food was good, the beer was cold and the company was lovely.  We're so fancy.

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