Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Projects

It was a big project weekend over here.  I sanded and painted the two adirondack chairs and side table that sit on my brick patio.  The chair project took yesterday and today to complete as I wanted to be sure to put on two coats of paint and needed the chairs to dry between each coat.  Once they were dry this afternoon I swept and cleaned up the patio so the shiny new chairs could look their very best.  The set was way overdue for an updated finish last summer it was rewarding to finally see the finished product this afternoon.

While I was waiting for paint to dry I took on a little redecorating project in my living room.  I've never been one to have the same furniture arrangement for very long, so I decided to rearrange the couch, chair and television.  The latest layout is one that I used when I first moved in 14 years ago.

Tonight I find there's a wee bit of soreness in my body.  I suppose all that sanding, painting, and furniture pushing woke up a few muscles.

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