Monday, July 28, 2014

Check Up

I never mind going to the doctor all that much.  I know there are many who don't feel the same way. Just last week my niece was stressed out about her summer physical.  Blood was going to be drawn and for her the only thing worse than the doctor's office has to be the needles that hide out at the doctor's office.  The only needle I'm not fond of is the one that is used to administer a cortisone shot.  If needed I'll take that needle, but I don't like it.

Today I got a little blood drawn- no problem.  Before that I spent a few minutes chatting with the receptionist who also happens to be a student from the first class I taught in Arlington. 

When the doctor entered the room I smiled as if seeing an old friend because I was seeing an old friend.  Lucky me- my doctor is also someone I've known ever since I moved to the area over 25 years ago.  We lived together in two different group houses and did a lot of growing up together.

After about 15 or 20 minutes of catching up with one another we moved on to the medical part of the appointment.  As I walked toward the door I ran into my doctor's sister who was helping out in the office.  We also lived together in one of those group houses so we stopped and talked for a bit.

By the time I checked out with the receptionist I realized I'd been there for almost 90 minutes.  That was odd to me- I felt like hardly any time at all had passed.

The clock moves quickly when catching up with old friends.

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