Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Watch Out For That Inflation Storm

On July 13, 1985 a few friends and myself threw a couple bills together, came up with about $25, and spent the afternoon together over a bushel of steamed crabs and beer and watched something called Live Aid.  The crabs lasted through the afternoon- just long enough for us because by about 6:00pm we climbed in our cars and headed south to Columbia, MD for a Jimmy Buffett concert.  It was a fine day indeed full of laughs, music and good crabs.

Tonight, almost 30 years later, I met up with a friend at a local dive known for a good crab feast and spent over $100 for a mere 18 crabs.  

Wow- how's that for inflation?  

Tonight the crabs were just as good and the conversation just as lively.  There wasn't any Jimmy Buffett, but boy, do I like those 1985 prices a whole lot better.

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