Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kids Today

Pedaling along at a somewhat leisurely pace I quickly became aware of the number of people who were passing me.  In the beginning I took the cyclists zooming by in stride.  I had decided to go ahead and ride the 18-mile loop around Arlington so I was happy with the slow and steady pace.  

I was happy until about the 15th bike flew by with a ring of the bell and the by then familiar call-out "on your left."  Was I really moving that slowly?  I mean I know I'm a bit out of shape but c'mon- really? 
Not wanting to dwell on the situation any more than I already had I focused on the scenery.  Boats zipped up and down the Potomac River as airplanes descended for their landing at National Airport.  Before long I looked up to see two 20-somethings ahead of me-and boy were they going slow.  With a tiny smile inside I rang my bell and called out “on your left."  

It's the little victories that are often the sweetest.  

I savored that victory for a bit.  To be honest I even started thinking about how I could fit it into my blog later in the day.

Too bad the feeling didn't last.  Just after I rounded the corner past the airport runway I watched those same two gals pedal by.  And if that isn't bad enough, they didn't even bother to give a warning they were about to pass.

Damn kids.

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