Monday, July 21, 2014

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Tonight I settled in to check out the Netflix series House of Cards.  It's been on my "to watch" list for some time now.  Friends had suggested I tune in but on top of that I know that it's filmed in my hometown of Baltimore.

Francis Underwood is the main character.  He's out for vengeance after feeling the newly elected president wronged him.  The show takes place in DC.  There are many big shots of the DC skyline that include things like the Washington Monument, the Key Bridge, and other easy to spot local landmarks.  At the end of the first episode the camera rolls out from a single shot on the main character as he sits outside of a "DC" restaurant chowing down a rack of ribs.  Once the camera pans to the larger scene down the street this Baltimore girl had no problem recognizing the marble steps and brick townhouses that are well known in her hometown.  

I'm sure there are many viewers out there who were fooled by the camera but not me hon.

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