Thursday, July 24, 2014

Writing Time

After an eight week break my writing group is scheduled to get together tomorrow night.  Yippee!  No really, I'm excited.  

Sure, it can be a bit stressful- trying to figure out what I'll write about and then actually sitting down to write is difficult- some days it's more difficult than others.  And then there's the food thing.  If I'm slated to cook dinner for the group the menu plan is always more or as stressful as the writing part.  

Not this time though.  I'm in charge of appetizers and as soon as I saw the large, green avocados in the grocery store I was set on an appetizer of feta/avocado dip.  

The writing.  Honestly?  I haven't been feeling very creative as of late.  I can't tell if my brain is clogged with ideas or if there are no ideas at all.  It doesn't really matter which one because the output is exactly the same...but who wants to hear about that?  (Answer- No. One.)

So today I hopped on my bike for a leisurely pedal down a local path in the hopes of clearing up the clogged matter.  I think it worked.

Is the writing done?  No, but it's coming together in my brain and I've got all day tomorrow to put all the pieces together.

1 comment:

  1. Has it really been 8 weeks? Wow! The avocado dip sounds great.