Thursday, July 31, 2014

Class 3 Citizen

So I snore.  I've snored for many years much to the frustration of those who may be sharing a room with me. I try to be accommodating about the whole thing by making sure I have plenty of earplugs to pass out.  Even so I still have to hear all about the racket I make while slumbering the next morning.

Well, today I learned all about something called the Mallampati score.  It's a way of classifying the anatomy of one's oral cavity.  There are 4 possible classes that one's oral cavity can fall into.  The preferred is Class 1 but most people fall under Class 2.

I'm a Class 3 gal.  So yeah, that's why I snore.  The doctor who explained the whole thing to me today was very kind when he told me where I fell on the scale.  After explaining the whole thing in detail he added, "it's not your fault-it's just your anatomy."

You're speaking to the congregation doc.  I've been trying to tell my friends that for years!

Earplugs anyone?

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