Sunday, July 27, 2014

Whistle (Or Sing Along to Music of the 90s) While You Work

After taking a day off of my summer cleaning schedule I was back on track with empty bags to fill.  I put my energy into the wall of bookshelves that outline the two windows in my living room.  There was a good deal of dusting to be done as I moved photos and knick-knacks form the shelves and rearranged the space.  

Behind the closet doors on the left side of the unit I have stashed all of my old CDs, a few cassette tapes and a small stereo unit.  The unit was covered in dust.  When the iPod came out and into my hands the stereo unit got used less and less. I've considered getting rid of the whole thing at times but since I'm not ready to get rid of the CDs and cassettes it seems best to keep everything together.

After dusting off the stereo I started shuffling through a small collection of mixed CDs.  I made a whole bunch of those back in the early and mid 90s when there seemed to be a new road trip on the schedule every other weekend.  There were a few label-less cassettes that had been separated from their case so I picked one and popped it into the player to figure out where it belonged.  

I never got past that first cassette.  I spent the next 90 minutes cleaning, dusting, singing, and decrapifying to the sounds of Talking Heads, Might Mighty Bosstones, Erasure and a few other musical friends from the 90s.  

Thanks to the music I had four bags filled with everything from trash to Goodwill donations in no time at all.

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