Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back to Doing Things Right

Cooking for one has it challenges, most revolving around motivation.  After a long day it is much easier to whip up a bowl of cereal, or even popcorn, than it is to throw together a dinner approved by the food pyramid.

I have been trying though. 

A few years ago my freezer was filled with frozen meals prepared by the chefs at Lean Cuisine.  Eventually, I grew weary (and leery) of those mediocre meals and started preparing my own food.  The change was good.  I was making fresh salads for lunch, fish and chicken dishes for dinner and doing a pretty darn good job getting enough fruits and vegetables.

And then somewhere along the line I got a little lazy.  My motivation to cook and eat well dwindled along with the quality of the meals I was eating.  Cereal and popcorn were showing back up on the dinner menu much too frequently.

And so it's time to refocus.  Tonight I looked in the fridge to see what was there and was able to come up with a nice dinner of chicken, spinach and mushrooms.

Tomorrow's menu looks like steak, spinach and Parmesan red potatoes.

I'd say that's two steps in the right direction.

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