Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Which Oil?

When I grew up there was only one kind of oil used in the kitchen.  If you were looking for oil in our kitchen you would find nothing but a bottle of Wesson vegetable oil.

At some point vegetable oil fell out of favor and everyone slid over to canola oil.  It was healthier, so THEY say, than that nasty vegetable oil. 

Now it's all about olive oil, or as Rachel Ray likes to say, EVOO. 

I like olive oil.  Recently I found that it makes the best popcorn ever!  There are many who rely on the microwave stuff for their popcorn needs.  I try not to judge them but I sort of do.  Yes, I'm somewhat of a popcorn snob.  I pop my own in my Westbend Crazy Popper and only use Orville Redenbacher's kernels.  A great bowl of popcorn involves the best kernels, lots of butter and the right amount of salt...not too much. 

The initial layer of EVOO makes what was already pretty damn good close to damn perfect.


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