Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Waiting Impatiently

Today's bright blue skies were deceiving.  Scanning the view from my classroom window I could see a few clouds scattered in the azure atmosphere.  The glare of the sun, along with the budding trees, just about had me convinced that the warmer weather had finally arrived.  As I strolled, with eyes squinting, to my car after work I considered the possibility of wearing shorts, or even my capri yoga pants, for my walk this afternoon.  I mean really, how could it look so beautiful and bright out and not feel like at least 60 degrees? 
It should have felt that way, but it didn't.  Another day of waiting for the real springtime weather to arrive would have to be.  I'm not so happy about the wait, but on the bright side...the baseball season has started so it can't be long.

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