Friday, April 5, 2013

BeeLieve It

Apparently the bees are really excited.  Well, that's what Julie told me this afternoon.  She's been taking a beekeeper class and has access to a beehive at her workplace, so she can tell me with some authority that the bees are excited.

That's good news for someone like myself who has been waiting...and waiting... for the real spring weather to arrive.  It is gorgeous this afternoon.  It's the kind of afternoon that found the outside patio full at the local pub, filled with happy faces all wearing dark sunglasses to keep the squints our of their eyes.

In my neighborhood walkers and dogs were out in force moving with purpose down the sidewalk with heads tilted toward the sun.

Yes, I do believe we're really getting somewhere this time.  In fact, I'm just as excited as those bees.

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