Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Strange Feeling

Okay, I realize that it's about this time every year that I write about how I'm taking up running today.  There's something about a beautiful day with temperatures kissing 70 and an abundance of early evening light that makes me want to lace up my blue sneakers and hit the road.

Today was a little different.  You see, it's been almost a year since my fabulous idea to throw a few lunges and squats into my sad little exercise program.  That didn't last long.  Somewhere after my first session of squats and lunges I felt a pain in my right knee.  The pain grew until I found it pretty much impossible to walk.

One thing led to another, and then last July I had a little arthroscopic surgery to repair my meniscus. 

I realized today that I have not run two steps since that initial injury.  Knowing it's been almost a year since I ran any distance at all fueled my determination to get out there and see what I could do.

It was tough, but it was also strange feeling the acceleration of my stride as I stretched out my legs from a walk to a very, very slow jog. 

Who knows if my knees will cooperate?  I hope they do- even though I've never been a real runner, I've enjoyed being someone who runs every now and then.


  1. Here's hoping your knees do cooperate! It's a great feeling being able to do something you enjoy, even if you only want to do it every now and then.

  2. I wish you luck. I have been a runner before and these warmer days have been calling me, but I haven't gotten out there. I hope to soon though. There is something exhilarating about feeling that stride.

  3. Yay for running, Mary! Today was perfect for hitting the pavement once again.

  4. These warm days do make us want to get outside - yes, and even run. Good luck as you get back on the road.


  5. Good for you, Mary! Hope you get out there again soon - just don't over do it!