Friday, March 14, 2014

This Morning

Looking out the window this morning, one of my T/A students remarked about the colors streaking about the sky.

"Wow, the sky looks so cool!"

Glancing up from my desk I was taken with the bright sunshine that was doing its best to warm up two tall chimneys cutting through the cloudy sky.

"The sun is rising." I responded.  "Did you ever think you'd be seeing the sunrise from a classroom?"

To be honest the official sunrise time was about 30 minutes before our conversation, but it still feels strange to be trekking out to work in complete darkness once again.  This morning I heard the early calls of the morning Cardinal but couldn't locate him in the darkness of his holly tree perch.

In a few weeks the sunrise will come earlier and I'll have a face to put with those purdy, purdy calls.  By then my T/A students will be talking about something different- most likely the number of days until Spring Break begins.


  1. Going to school in the dark is the worst part of daylight savings time for me. I do enjoy the daylight lingering in the evening, but I miss seeing the sunrise on the drive to school.

  2. How great that the students noticed the sunrise. I am sure they will notice the future ones. Jackie

  3. Danna and Karen were ooh-ing and ah-ing at the sunrise this morning, too.

  4. March is a wonderful month for dramatic skies. Thank you for the descriptions of early morning birds. It really made your writing come alive for me.