Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Working From Home

After a long staff meeting I headed back to my room thinking I would try to get a few papers graded.  Just this morning I confessed to a colleague that I can't stand to grade things at home anymore.  I am one of those teachers that likes driving work around in her car on a daily basis.  The work follows me home but it rarely sees the light that glows inside of my townhouse.  Knowing what I know about my own work habits means that I often spend somewhere around 10 hours a day at school to get things done.

This afternoon I surveyed the papers on my desk and decided to do something for myself.  I stuffed some, but not all, of what needed to be graded in my bag and headed to the gym.  A little time on the elliptical and a few weight machines later I was home feeling rejuvenated.  And then I gave myself one more little treat- a nice steak on the grill with some mushrooms, onions and spinach. 

Those papers I brought home?  They are sitting in my bag on a chair near the door where they will most likely spend the night.  Do I know myself, or what?

1 comment:

  1. I often refer to my school bag as being full of good intentions. There will always be papers to grade so it is so good to take care of yourself!