Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Rest Stop Has Reopened

Just yesterday I noticed that my new Finch feeder has finally attracted the small yellow birds that I enjoy watching.  My backyard bird feeders have been pretty quiet all winter.  In an attempt to cut back on a few expenses here and there I stopped replenishing the feeders on a regular basis.

A few weeks ago, after missing the feeding frenzy and color that swooped in each day, I decided to throw a little more food in the feeders again.  Just last week I noticed a large red Cardinal enjoying an afternoon treat.  The House Wrens have stopped in as well, happy I'm sure to find another spot to rest and eat.  But still the Goldfinches make me the happiest.  There's something about the splash of yellow that appears out of seemingly nowhere that I find intriguing and interesting to watch.

Years ago I was told if there's one finch at the feeder there are another 30 in the area.  Yesterday only one stopped in for a snack, and then today I had two eating together.  I can only hope that by the end of the week the feeder will be at full capacity.


  1. I hope that soon you will have a great gathering at your rest stop!

  2. My daughter and I put two homemade bird feeders out two weeks ago. Not a single bird has come by to nibble from them. I'm wondering... how long does it take for the birds to find these (new) feeders?
    May you have a flock come to your backyard soon.