Thursday, March 6, 2014


Kids are freaked out by all sorts of animals.  Today I smiled and nodded my head as students shared their fears of cats, pigeons, snakes, crocodiles and spiders.  It wasn't until I heard the words Daddy Long-Leg that my eyes widened a little.  And then suddenly I was back on Hollen Rd. sitting in the backyard sandbox with my older brother Joey.  I was involved in some sort of sand sculpture on my end of the box.  I'm sure I was doing some sifting and bucket filling because hey, that's just fun stuff to do in the sandbox if you're three or four years old.

I remember feeling an odd little tickle on my arm and asking my brother to stop bothering me.  The tickle stopped for a moment and then started up again as did my brotherly protests.  It was like he didn't even hear my pleas to stop, so I kept asking and whining.  Again, there was no reply and the tickly feeling continued.  Finally I turned to face my tormentor- I was determined to stop the nonsense.

It wasn't Joey at all.  In fact, it was a huge Daddy Long-Leg slinking its way up my arm.

Cue the screaming and crying.  

Not surprisingly, it was a very long time before I felt it was safe to go back in the sandbox.

Forty -okay, almost fifty- years later I wonder if that creature found its way to my arm on its own or if my wonderful, older brother helped a little bit.


  1. Ha! I love this post because it takes me back to my childhood and those crazy spiders. We had a lot of them in Wisconsin. Thanks for making me smile today.

  2. What a great post! I love the end....wondering how that Daddy Long Legs got on your arm. It wouldn't surprise me if big brother was not so innocent. :-) Jackie

  3. Delightful post. I am that person who safely catches spiders and sets them in a safe place outdoors--a struggle in the winter. Recently, the art teacher in my elementary school told me that some of my students did the same--problem was, it was FREEZING outside. He didn't have the heart to tell them... we are hoping it finds its way into a crevice until spring.

  4. I knew some guys who used to throw them at me. Creepy, crawly post, Mary!