Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Food Fail

Just last week I proudly whipped up some lemon chicken and a side of lemon and pine nut couscous with raisins.  Frankly, it was a fabulous little plate of food.

Tonight I had shrimp tacos on the brain.  The only problem was that other than shrimp my kitchen was lacking other key ingredients for the recipe- mainly tortillas.  I suppose I was still reeling from last week's culinary success so I went a bit rogue and spiced the shrimp with some olive oil, garlic, cumin and salt.  Without a tortilla in the house I figured I would serve the shrimp with black beans and rice.  I was hoping for something along the lines of the chicken, beans and rice concoction I had at Chipotle last week.

And then my rumbling stomach took over.  Rice would take about 20 minutes to cook.  Couscous takes about five.

What can I say?  The mixture was edible, but didn't come close to a Chipotle-like experience.  Even my cat, who is always happy to lick any leftovers clean, turned up his nose.

Next time I'll be sure to take the time to buy or make tortillas- either that or I’ll wait for the rice.


  1. Now you're thinking like a chef!

  2. I know the feeling of being hungry and not wanting to wait for the time to cook what takes the longest. Those are the nights we keep it simple.

  3. That's exactly why we end up eating out so often. We are just too impatient to either wait for things to cook or don't want to run out for that missing ingredient or two. I know I'd be a lot better off if I learned to plan ahead!

  4. Win some, lose some, who knows what concoction you will whip up next. We learn more from the misses than the hits.

  5. It still sounds yummy - rice or not!