Sunday, March 2, 2014

Endings and Beginnings

Last night I sat in a high school auditorium to enjoy a performance of the spring musical, Footloose.  I attended that same high school over thirty years ago and was involved in a few productions on the very same stage. On this occasion I was there to watch my niece, Megan, in her last musical performance of high school.

As the days march quickly on toward high school graduation I can only imagine the nerves, nostalgia and anxiety that is churning up in the guts of high school seniors everywhere.  On the one hand there's the excitement of what's next; on the other hand is the longing for life to stay as it is- predictable and somewhat comfortable.

As the aunt of a graduating Senior I can relate because I feel the same way.  I'm excited to see what's next for Megan.  She's worked hard on college applications, essays and interviews and is awaiting word from her top choices.  I know wherever she ends up going she'll make her mark on campus by getting involved in a variety of activities.  Everything will be great for her and for that I'm happy...

...but I'll miss seeing her smiling face when I visit her house.


  1. Bittersweet. Time does not stand still. Youngsters feel 12 years to graduation is forever. As an adult 12 years pass so fast.

    Your words brought so many thoughts up in my mind. What strong voice you have.

  2. Isn't there something so great about watching performances and recalling the feeling of being on stage yourself?! My favorite moment is the cheer of excitement, adrenaline, and relief after the curtain closes!

    I love the "anxiety churning in the guts of high school seniors everywhere," line!! Great piece!

    Best of luck to Megan!!

  3. I remember the feeling of excitement and dread all at the same time. How was the show?

  4. Tears - this touched very close to home, Mary. Your words are so poignant.