Monday, February 23, 2015

Bake and They Will Come

Tonight I've got a batch of brownies baking away in my oven.  It was two weeks ago that I promised a group of 6th graders I would bring them some brownies if they showed up to my next homework club.  We were scheduled for last Tuesday but the treat of a late winter snow kept everyone home from school that day.

This afternoon I wandered across the hall to check out who came to homework club this afternoon.  I asked if any of the 7 present were planning on coming tomorrow when I would be hosting again.  Two or three hands went up while the other four students averted their eyes and hung their heads down.

"Wait!" one girl called out.  "Aren't you making us brownies?"

I responded with a nod of my head and before I could get the word yes out those hanging heads perked up. All hands were up and I could see that my little plan had worked.

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